Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Comparison

If you're on the hunt for a stroller that can effortlessly adapt to your growing family's needs, look no further than the Silver Cross Wave and the Nuna Demi Grow. These convertible strollers are designed to accommodate your little ones from their early years and beyond, making them ideal choices for parents seeking versatility.

With the ability to start as single strollers and later convert to accommodate two children, the Wave and Demi Grow offer great flexibility. Whether you have twins or siblings of different ages, these strollers have you covered with options to accommodate two seats, two car seats, or two bassinets, making them a perfect fit for growing families.

These two strollers share many features such as all-wheel suspension, height adjustable handlebars, reversible top seats, and seats with magnetic buckles, ventilated extendable canopies, and adjustable leg rests. However, they are also very different, especially in the way they configure the two seats.

The Silver Cross Wave has a stadium or tandem seat set up in double mode while the Nuna Demi Grow has stacked seats. This configuration makes the stroller easier to steer and less long when fully loaded in double mode! However, it also takes up the basket space.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Wave and Demi Grow

Silver Cross Wave vs Nuna Demi Grow stroller

Silver Cross Wave

Silver Cross Wave Stroller

The Wave adds modern-day practicality to the timeless elegance of Silver Cross prams. It’s "future-proofed" to accommodate a second seat, car seat or bassinet when your family grows.

The Wave provides an ultra-smooth and durable ride, between its magnesium alloy frame and four-way independent suspension. The stroller comes with a number of accessories, as well as an overnight-ready bassinet. Bamboo fabric inside the bassinet is anti-bacterial and helps regulate the baby's body temperature.

In 2021, Silver Cross reduced the weight of the Wave, while also offering a higher weight capacity and aesthetic updates.

In 2022, Silver Cross added a magnetic buckle and the Sustainable Collection that is woven from recycled plastic water bottles.

Nuna Demi Grow

The Demi Grow is Nuna's first stroller that can accommodate a second seat for siblings or twins. The Demi Grow offers a sleek design, 2-year warranty, sturdy all-terrain wheels with adjustable suspension, and compatibility with the Nuna PIPA series of infant car seats considered to be among the safest on the market.

The Demi Grow includes a zip-out seat lining for an all-weather mesh seat and custom dual suspension that changes the ride for smooth and rough surfaces. A magnetic buckle makes it even easier to help your child in and out of the stroller, while brown leatherette detailing on the handle and bumper bar add a contemporary look.

In 2022, Nuna added a new feature not seen on their strollers before - a built in mosquito net! With the included Aire Protect canopy, a spare canopy included in addition to the original Classic canopy, parents can choose to add more ventilation and protection from bugs and sun with the Aire Protect canopy or go for full coverage with the Classic canopy.

Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Price

For current pricing, please see the respective product pages.

The purchase of the single Silver Cross Wave stroller includes:

  • Stroller with one toddler seat
  • Bassinet
  • Seat liner
  • Cup holder
  • Rain cover for stroller
  • Rain cover for bassinet
  • Bug covers for stroller and bassinet
  • Tandem seat adapters


The purchase of the single Nuna Demi Grow stroller includes:

  • Nuna Demi Grow stroller with one seat
  • Classic canopy
  • Aire Protect canopy
  • Ring car seat adapter
  • Set of traditional car seat adapters
  • Fenders
  • Rain cover


Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Weight and Dimensions

The Silver Cross Wave and Nuna Demi Grow are pretty similar in size. However, the Wave is about 3.5 inches longer than the Demi Grow, yet weighs a bit less in both single and double mode.

Single Stroller Weight

  • Wave: 26.6 pounds
  • Demi Grow: 27.4 pounds 

Double Stroller Weight

  • Wave: 32.2 pounds
  • Demi Grow: 35.4 pounds

Single Stroller Open Dimensions

  • Wave: 43"L x 23"W x 37-42.9"H
  • Demi Grow: 39.5”L x 24”W x 43.5”H

Single Stroller Folded Dimensions

  • Wave: 37"L x 23"W x 15"H
  • Demi Grow: 23.5”L x 24”W x 35”H

Wheel Size

  • Wave: 7.8” front tires; 11” rear tires
  • Demi Grow: 7” front tires; 11” rear tires 

Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Weight Limit

The Demi Grow and Wave have two identical seats when you turn them into doubles. Your children can sit in whichever seat they prefer as long as they are within the weight capacity of the seat - 50 pounds for the Demi Grow; 55 pounds for the Wave.

However, the Demi Grow seats are interchangable and fit on either top or bottom, whereas, the Wave seats must go in their correct spot. The tandem seat is made for the bottom.

The seats of the Wave and Demi Grow are very similar in size. However, the Wave does have more room for a taller child!  

Weight Capacity

  • Wave: 55 pounds per seat
  • Demi Grow: 50 pounds per seat

Seat Back Height

  • Wave: 18.8"
  • Demi Grow: 18.5"

Seat to Canopy Height

  • Wave: 24"
  • Demi Grow: 20.5"

Seat Width

  • Wave: 11.5"
  • Demi Grow: 10.5" with wider insert and 12" without insert in

Seat Depth

  • Wave: 9.5"
  • Demi Grow: 10.5"

     Silver Cross Wave vs Nuna Demi Grow Stroller

    Seat Positioning

    The advantage of the Silver Cross Wave Double is that the basket space is not impacted with the addition of the second seat. However, the advantage of the Nuna Demi Grow Double is that the weight of both children is placed on the strongest part of the stroller, the rear axle, making it easier to push and steer than the longer Wave Double.

    The downsides of the Demi Grow design: The child essentially rides inside the stroller basket, which limits their view and movement—as well as your storage options. The second seat for the Demi Grow is also more difficult to access for the parent (although your child might think it's fun to climb in).


    Both strollers offer numerous configurations for siblings or twins: You can add a second stroller seat, car seat or bassinet to either stroller.

    But unlike the Wave, both of which are reversible, the Demi Grow sibling seat (bottom seat) can only face forward.

    Double Adapters

    Tandem connectors are included with the purchase of the Silver Cross Wave. These connectors allow you to make your single Wave stroller a double right out of the box with the bassinet on the bottom and toddler stroller seat up top. If you are wanting additional configurations such as the bassinet or car seat on top and a second seat on bottom, you will need to purchase the Tandem Seat or upper car seat adapters. Silver Cross also sells lower car seat adapters.

    No adapters are needed for the Demi Grow stroller seats. The stroller has built in adapters for both stroller seats and can be used from a double out of the box with one infant car seat or bassinet and one stroller seat. And since the seats are identical, the seat that comes with your purchase can be used on the top or bottom position.

    Ride-Along Board

    Another difference: The Wave can be a ride for three kids when you attach the Silver Cross Toddler Board. Nuna does not make a ride-along board, although third-party brands may fit.

     Silver Cross Wave Toddler Board

    Silver Cross Wave Configurations

    Silver Cross Wave configurations

    Nuna Demi Grow Configurations

    Nuna Demi Grow stroller configurations

    Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Bassinet

    A bassinet is the coziest way for your baby to begin strolling: It allows your infant to lie flat, which is safest for their head and neck, and provides more airflow than a car seat.

    Both the Silver Cross Wave and Nuna Demi Grow have bassinet options that can be used on the stroller in either single or double mode, as well as on a bassinet stand for overnight sleeping in your home.

    One big difference though is that the Wave comes with a bassinet so no additional purchase is needed. The ventilated bassinet is suitable for overnight sleeping and is lined with a bamboo fabric that helps regulate body temperature, is hypoallergenic and has natural anti-bacterial qualities.

    The Demi Grow Bassinet, sold separately, includes a stand, which can be used in your home or by your bedside as baby's first crib. The Demi Grow Bassinet features a Sky Drape magnetic cover, additional ventilation panels integrated into siding near your baby's head for customized comfort, whatever the season, and non-slip feet for added security and fabric protection.

    Bassinet Prices

     Silver Cross Wave and Nuna Demi Grow stroller with bassinet

    Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Fold

    The Silver Cross Wave folds down to the ground, while the Nuna Demi Grow stands when folded. For both strollers (and most doubles), you'll need to remove the lower/bottom seat before folding.

    How to Fold the Silver Cross Wave

    The Wave can be folded with the top seat facing forward. To fold the Wave, press the button located on the right side of the frame while simultaneously pulling up on the rings located on both sides of the frame. Guide the stroller down to the ground, and make sure the side locks.


    How to Fold the Nuna Demi Grow

    While the Nuna Demi Grow can be folded with one seat attached, it's best to remove the seat before folding to ensure access to a convenient, leather-wrapped carry handle integrated into the frame. 

    To fold the Demi Grow, lock the stroller, remove the seats, and pull up on the triggers (on the sides by the handlebars) to fold it down. The Demi Grow is self standing and has a convenient carry handle to lift it.

    See the Nuna Demi Grow fold demonstrated in this video at minute mark 2:41.


    Car Seats Compatible with Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow

    The Silver Cross Wave is compatible with car seats from a few different brands allowing families to create a convenient travel system.



    Nuna is well-known for their Nuna PIPA model car seats. The Nuna Demi Grow is compatible with the Nuna PIPA series car seats, and the necessary car seat adapters are included with your stroller purchase. The Demi Grow comes with two sets of adapters - one ring adapter, and one set of post adapters. No other brand car seat will work with the Demi Grow.



    Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Colors

    Made of premium materials, including a magnesium alloy frame for maximum strength, the Silver Cross Wave will endure a lifetime of strolling with your family. The Wave is made without the use of flame-retardant chemicals or durable water repellants. The Sustainable Collection features fabric woven exclusively with yarn from recycled plastic bottles.

    For current colors of the Silver Cross Wave, click here.


    Nuna products meet the standards for GREENGUARD GOLD certification. This means that they have been thoroughly tested and certified to meet stringent emissions standards for over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical emissions.

    For current colors of the Demi Grow, click here.


    Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Accessories

    Accessories can make a stroller more convenient for both the parents and the child. Neither the Wave nor the Demi Grow offer a child snack tray, but both offer a parent cup holder. The Wave also offers a stroller board for a third child or an older sibling to take a ride!

    The Wave comes with a cup holder, seat liner, bug and rain covers and a seat apron/footmuff.

    Silver Cross accessories sold separately include:

    • Car seat adapters
    • Snack Tray
    • Phone holder
    • Optima Travel Bag
    • Stroller board
    • Premium footmuff
    • Changing bag
    • Bassinet stand
    • Tandem Seat


    The Demi Grow comes with a classic canopy, an aire protect canopy, ring car seat adapter, traditional car seat adapters, fenders, and a rain cover. Other Demi Grow accessories sold separately include:

    • Bassinet and stand
    • Parent cup holder
    • Travel bag
    • Sling bag


    Silver Cross Wave vs. Nuna Demi Grow Pros and Cons

    So which is better: the Silver Cross Wave or the Nuna Demi Grow? Both strollers have height adjustable handlebars, seats with magnetic buckles and adjustable leg rests, all-wheel suspension, ventilated extendable canopies, and reversible top seats. Both can also be configured as a double straight out of the box.

    Let’s look at their differences, and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each.

    Silver Cross Wave


    • Double stroller offers combined weight capacity of 110 pounds (55 pounds per seat) versus 100 for the Demi Grow (50 pounds per seat)
    • Bassinet approved for overnight sleeping comes with your purchase of the Wave stroller
    • Stroller board offered for older child
    • Bassinet can be put on the top while older child can be on the bottom with the ability to see out
    • Weighs less than the Demi Grow in both single and double mode
    • Compatible with a variety of infant car seats


    • If wanting to utilize all double configurations, additional purchase is necessary
    • Stroller does not stand when folded
    • More expensive than the Demi Grow

    Silver Cross Wave double stroller

    Nuna Demi Grow


    • Stacked design of double stroller offers improved maneuverability and a reduced length
    • Seat includes insert that can be unzipped for a mesh seatback
    • Spare Aire Protect canopy has built in bug cover and more mesh windows
    • Sky Drape cover extends from the canopy for full sun coverage over the seat
    • Does not require additional adapters to convert to double stroller or use all configurations
    • Stroller stands when folded and includes a convenient carry handle (when you remove the top seat before folding)
    • Dual suspension can be customized for either rough terrain or smooth surfaces


    • Basket space is minimized when child is riding in lower position
    • Some toddlers may not like riding underneath the upper seat
    • Seat in lower position is not reversible and can only face forward
    • Stroller is heavier than the Silver Cross Wave
    • Not compatible with car seats other than Nuna brand
    • Does not have a ride-along option for a third child
    • Does not come with a bassinet

     Nuna Demi Grow double stroller


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